This example of unfinished work displays my involment with the layout and design of Mission 8's environment, the scripted game play, and events through a 1st and 2nd pass. Environment Art and VFX teams had also gone through 2 passes. Still awaiting a final 3rd pass before alpha, this scene finds the player defending himself in the middle of the chaos all around him between Xenos and Weyland Yutani Mercenaries.

In this example of unfinished work through a 1st and 2nd pass, awaiting a final 3rd pass, I worked with the Environment Art team to recreate the infamous Xeno egg cavern within the derilict spaceship. I designed it to allow the player to get a vista overlook of the Xeno eggs lining the floor and scientists working among them before any combat begins. Once the player reaches the floor below face-huggers can hatch and attack the player or human AI.