What They're Saying

I've gathered a few select quotes from various reviews of games released; in regards to specific maps I've worked on as a Level Designer.

SECTION 8: Operation Liberation

This level is the fourth mission in the Single Player Campaign utilizing the Edge of Oasis multi player map of which I designed from concept to completion for both MP and later SP game play.

"We're witness to Edge of Oasis, ( *Operation Liberation ) a level set in a sprawling outpost that's surrounded by swathes of dusty red plains. It starts off simple enough, with a simple point-to-point run seeing various - and very well defended - control points being captured across the map. With the control points dealt with, the difficulty ramps up at the level's climax. A convoy needs to be escorted from one end of the level to another, and at this point SECTION 8 really bares its teeth as it throws everything at the player. Enemy soldiers burn in at an alarming rate, gun turrets are set up at the most inopportune locations and hulking mechs stalk the route. The ensuing carnage is relentless, frantic and, most importantly, a lot of fun." IGN.com

SECTION 8: Hornet's Nest

This is a Multi Player map I designed for 16 players, from concept to completion. Wanting to create a vast environmental feel yet keep the players in close proximity for lots of opportunity for engagement.

"This map is a beautiful endeavor to close the distance of 3 CP engagements, and extremely well done. Already, I've had awe inspiring moments on this map."

"Hornet's Nest is a vast, complex, and beautiful place."

"My favorite is also hornets nest, because of the different levels, the water x_x, the weed and trees (is made with love to the detaille), and the cave grottos guarantee a nice battle!"

"This very green, linear asymmetrical map is notable not for the bases (although one does feature an uber-cool massive hologram which you can hide in lol), but for the complex bridges, gantries etc that run along and around the instant-death-river/canyon that runs the length of the map. This level really is as cool as hell and should provide lots of interesting pitched and running battles as teams group together along the various walkways." JoinSection8.com - Community Forums

BATTLEFIELD 2: Armored Fury

The level, "Operation Harvest" was my responsibility as the Level Designer, from conceptualizing to completion. Working along side my Level Artist and his wonderful use of color, we created a really exciting, realistic, and beautiful level.

"Though Armored Fury is a tank-focused game, that doesn't mean that infantry can't be effective. The designers have made it easy on the poor infantry by providing lots and lots of cover at each flag point." IGN.com

"Operation Harvest sees the MEC pushing through Pennsylvania Dutch country. The fight will rage across vast wheat fields, amid quaint farmhouses and silos and even a grain loading operation near a railroad line. Visually, it's the best level of the bunch, perfectly capturing the feeling that you're fighting for land that is undeniably American." IGN.com

"And then there's Operation Harvest, which is an absolutely beautiful map, drawn with the bruised palette of an early autumn thunderstorm just before the tornadoes touch down. There are orchards, windmills, grain silos, and even a covered bridge that will have a layer of snow on top of it in a few short months. The terrain is a great combination of natural cover and wide-open fields, alternately confounding to naked infantry and vehicles. It's easily one of the best maps in the game." YAHOO Games

"The new maps are nicely blended, featuring a good amount of vehicular combat and on-foot fighting. Tank battles grow to prominence in Armored Fury, making for a lot of explosions and intense action. Not to say that those who fight on foot are necessarily up a creek, as there are plenty of opportune positions that will give them the upper hand." GAMEZONE.com

BATTLEFIELD 2: Special Forces

Another quoted review relating to two Multi Player maps I designed from concept to completion, "Warlord" & "Iron Gator".

"There's enough new content in the levels to differentiate them from their predecessors and to provide more urban playgrounds to romp around in. For example, there's a palace level in which one side has to battle through a city to the palace's gates and then into the palace itself, which provides a large mix of indoor and outdoor combat. Yet perhaps the best new map is a reverse amphibious assault, in which the Middle Eastern Coalition forces must board and take over a US aircraft carrier defended by Navy SEALs; the action takes place on the carrier's deck, in its vast hangar bays, and in its corridors and rooms below." GAMESPOT.com